Can I paddle board with knee injuries?

Can I paddle board with knee injuries? Seeing a paddle boarder float by with grace is captivating. It inspires many people to get on a paddle board themselves. Boarders with experience not only make SUP look easy but also entices others to try the sport.

It is a sport that everyone can enjoy with the proper instruction and guidance on the water. I often receive calls from clients looking for personalized instruction and they ask me “can I do this?” Their personal hesitation is usually linked to concerns about past injuries. People also wonder about the physical requirements of paddle boarding. The most common health related concern is knee injuries. Sometimes people are concerned about their age and I’m asked if there are age limits for lessons.

Age is not a limitation for paddle boarding however they are some basic considerations for water safety to keep in mind. As long as people can swim and feel comfortable in the water I encourage everyone to try out this attention-grabbing sport. People with physical limitations from injuries should seek doctor approval before engaging in any exercise program. Once cleared for activity paddle boarding is a leisurely, low-impact, physical training that engages all muscles in the body. I provide clients with simple modifications, such as sitting instead of kneeling to take pressure off of their knees.